Article # 30: T.J. Bell, Inc. developing application solutions vs. other suppliers.

Almost all air knife suppliers are blower manufactures, from their point of view this is an advantage because it provides them with an opportunity to sell another blower.  Their main focus is to sell a blower so the air knife is just an accessory to the blower.  The blower sales staff seeks out applications for their blowers.  If their blower does not fit the application (even if they choke it or run it into the service factor) they have to walk away from the application.We begin with the application and what the client wants to achieve.  After we understand what is wanted we determine the amount of air needed, the configuration of air knives, and then the appropriate blower to best supply the air needed.  Often this results in a less expensive type of blower or less horsepower.

I do not want to make this sound to simple there is a lot to consider including losses due to configuration, space available and ambient conditions of location.  This is just a few major items.  Here at T.J. Bell we are also glad to provide just the air knives or a complete turnkey system and any stage between.  Additionally we can provide heat to 800° F, anti-static bars, articulated systems, self regulating systems, aluminum or stainless steel and sound enclosures just to name a few things the other guys can’t offer.