Article # 29: Differences between TURBOTECH HVLP AIR KNIVES and others.

Our competitors all make the same air knife (almost) or at least they make a lot of the same mistakes.Most air knives are symmetrical which makes them easy and cheaper to build but also builds in a functional flaw.  By having the exit edges equal length the air fans out in every direction and therefore dissipates sooner.  The resulting reduced laminar flow means less air on the surface and therefore less performance from the same amount of air compare to a TURBOTECH HVLP AIR KNIFE.  Our (patent pending) unique design of incorporates one extended exit lip which acts as a guide to provide superior laminar flow which means a longer reach and more effective wiping because more of the air is applied to the target.  There have been cases that by only replacing a competitor’s air knife the installed system performance improved so that they did not have to replace it as they initially thought would be necessary.

Some of the competition brags about the adjustable lips as a feature that adds versatility and adjustability to their air knives. We have and can make adjustable exit lips but frankly discourage that choice because it creates more problems than it solves.
First, if the blower and air knife system are sized correctly in the first place there is no need for adjustability.
Secondly, when they do make adjustable lips the springs and screws interrupt the air flow causing gaps and streaks on the target product that are not dried or wiped because of the missing air.  The client is generally not equipped to do that kind of fine adjustment and in many cases causes damage to the blower with too little or too much system pressure.  The bolts or screws on the exit lips are there to prevent the opening from getting larger when air pressure is applied.
Thirdly, another mistake they all make is putting the retainer screws too close to the exit again blocking exit air needed on the product.  We move our retainer back far enough that the air has time to reform after passing the screw so we provide a continuous solid air curtain.

We make both Stainless Steel and Aluminum air knives.  We sell more stainless steel air knives because they are tougher, will take a factory environment better and we can customize them easier than our Aluminum designs.  The Aluminum air knives are extruded which helps to make them less expensive and they are a good choice if the environment is not too harsh.  One flaw in our competitors Aluminum air knives is the end caps where you need to attach an air supply hose.  The competitors’ attachment tube is too short and is tapered again because it is cheaper to build that way.  Their hoses continually fall off and can only take a limited amount of pressure.  Our Aluminum end caps are longer and machined straight so they do not have a taper.  Our hoses do not blow off when powered up.

Turbotech HVLP Aluminum air knives have built in mounting bosses for alignment and attachment and the unique Turbotech tear drop high efficiency design.  The can be anodized and treated in a number of ways if necessary to protect them from some chemical environments.  That decision is made when we discuss the application and as compared with the cost of Stainless Steel.

Most air knife companies can supply air knives from eighteen inches to sixty inches in length and have only one body style and size.  Turbotech HVLP air knives are available from two inches to the longest one so far of one hundred ninety two inches (16 feet) long.  There are three basic body shapes and two basic body sizes.  We have also built a variety of nozzles, circular air knives, as well as custom designs for special applications.  We also offer a wide range of accessories including blowers, filters, ionization bars, adjustable mounts, hoses, air flow controls, and heaters to name just a few.