T.J.Bell was incorporated in 1986 as the North American distributor for Erichsen GmbH test equipment.  Our continued growth and expansion evolved into two complimentary divisions: the test and measuring equipment for paints and coatings, featuring Erichsen Testing Equipment; and Turbotech HVLP air systems, featuring the Turbotech developed “High Velocity, Low Pressure” air-knife blow-off systems. We are now often in both ends of the same factory: installing an air knife system to prepare or dry a product to accept a finish, and then testing the quality of the final finish.  Our previous experience with vacuum and blower applications made this a natural and complimentary development.

Blower manufacturers are primarily interested in selling their blowers; therefore, they have neither the time nor the inclination to design custom air devices, mounting components or supply other accessories to make a complete unique system.  We realized that although their product was adequate for some applications, they often fell short in many applications due to size, special requirements and necessary accessories.  We saw a need in the marketplace for application specific and more complete systems.

This is one of the definitive differences between blower companies and Turbotech HVLP application specific air knife systems for a diverse and demanding market.  We can provide a simple generic blow-off system or a more sophisticated solution when needed.  Our systems can be complete turnkey down to every nut and bolt for installation with a full range of logical accessories or simply the components needed to complete or improve an existing system.  When we say logical accessories we are referring to items like special filters, heaters, anti-static bars, vacuum capture of the blow-off, as well as fully adjustable mounts, portable systems, central systems, variable speed drives and even articulated systems complete with starters and controls.

The performance of all of our systems is guaranteed as well as the components of the system.  We take an application engineering approach and look at every application as a unique challenge.  Based on our extensive experience similar applications can be quickly resolved and unique and difficult applications requiring study and experimentation are handled in a timely, professional manner.  This logical path allows us to present the most complete and correctly sized system to solve your particular challenge.  This saves time and money compared to oversized or undersized solutions that may have to be re-engineered, or simply will never work.

In the last few years we have also developed a consulting service to help design new systems or to improve the performance of existing systems to meet current needs.  We do in house testing and in some cases provide test systems for clients to do their own testing on site.

The experience and the flexibility we have to choose the best and most suitable components for your application is your assurance of an appropriate and creative air knife application solution.