Packaged Air Knife Systems

2-wheel cart - 2Most air knife systems are permanent installations.  The air knives are installed on a production line and are never moved from that position.  Customers sometimes have two or more lines, of which only one is ever in use.  In that situation, we can provide a complete system with blower, filter, fittings, hose, air knives, mounts, motor starter, power cord and any other accessories on a two- or four-wheel cart. The customer provides electrical outlets for the power cord in several locations.  Then the entire system can be quickly and easily moved from one line to another.  We can also provide a system mounted to a pallet that can be picked up and moved with a pallet jack or forklift.  These systems can be very cost-effective.  Instead of buying a system for each line, the customer can buy one system and move it from line to line. They can also make maintenance easier and more convenient because the air knife system can be moved out of the way to allow repairs to be made to a conveyor or any other part of the production line.