Air Knife Velocity Rates

Air knife velocity rates can be divided into the following groups based on speed of air delivered:

Low Velocity 4,000 – 18,000 FPM
1.  Light blow-off of dust and 50%+ of beaded water on smooth flat surfaces.
2.  Static control by adding a blanket of ionized air to discharge or remove static from a surface.
3.  Control of coating thickness or spread.

Medium Velocity 16,000 – 32,000 FPM
1.  Sometimes multiple sets of air knives are necessary.
2.  Water removal from bottles and cans on production lines.
3.  Ink drying on labels.
4.  80-95%+ of water (liquid) removal on production lines.
5.  Removal of excess coolant or rust inhibitors from production line parts.
6.  Control thickness or spread of coatings.

High Velocity 30,000 – 40,000+ FPM
1.  Often multiple sets of air knives are necessary.
2.  Liquid or particulate removal on high speed production lines.
3.  Applications where parts have complex shapes.
4.  Applications where reach to the parts is over 3″.
5.  Heavy liquid or particulate removal.
6.  Control of high viscosity coating thickness or spread.
7.  Water or liquid removal from hanging, odd-shaped parts.