Airknives & Angle of Attack

The effectiveness of airknives will be based in part on the angle at which the forced air exiting the opening strikes the surface to be affected. That is to say airknives that have sharper angles of attack — 60 to 90 degrees — will force more air at the ‘working suface’ versus angles of say, 30 to 60 degrees.

This important design consideration is one 4 that goes into planning an optimum perfoming system for your application. Airknives that meets your requirements must balance:

TURBOTECH Proprietary Teardop Shapes for Airknives combine the most advanced air flow technologies achieving efficiencies exceeding 95%. This compares with other airknives’ shapes that may deliver under 65% efficiency. You can expect the most efficient design and the best laminar flow characteristics from TJ Bell and Turbotech.