Using Air Knives for Drying

Manufactured parts often go through a washing process to clean them. The water must be removed prior to packaging to prevent corrosion. Due to intricate shapes, it is not possible to physically wipe the item dry, nor is it cost efficient. Turbotech air knives use high velocity air to sweep the water droplets off the surface and leave it totally dry.

Due to the mandated reduction in the use of solvent, modern water based paints and coatings take longer to cure.  The cure time can be improved by using air knives.   Turbotech air knives cost less to operate than compressed air blow-offs, and do not add pollution. Because Turbotech air knives reduce drying time, increased line speeds can often be achieved.

Examples are: Bottles and Cans; PC boards; Castings; Extrusions; Motion Picture Film; Dip Tank Solution Stripping; Wood Preservative; Wire; Frozen Food Package; Cheese; Produce; Sheet Metal; paint and coatings.

Typical velocities to achieve good results are 18,000 to 32,000 ft./min.