Using Air Knives to Remove Static Charges

Static removal  is important when dust clings to plastic, rubber, or glass parts or they stick together. An air knife can effectively deliver an anti-static blanket (or ionized) blanket of air that will reduce the shock workers may receive when handling parts or sheet.  An air knife outfitted with a static bar creates a shower of ions that allows built up static charge to dissipate without arcing to the first good conductor along the line.

Automated paint lines use anti-static blanketing extensively to be sure parts are neutral as they process into the application area. This is especially critical for plastic parts and electrostatic coating systems to assure quality and reduce rejection rates.

Examples of de-stat applications for air knives are: Paint lines, plastics, rubber, glass production lines, electronic PC boards, and clean rooms.

Typical air knife velocities to achieve good static reduction results are 5,000 to 16,000 ft./min.