Superior Air Knife Design and System Integration

Turbotech air knife systems have demonstrated efficiencies exceeding 95% providing a gain of as much as 30% over other air knives.

Turbotech High Velocity Low Pressure (HVLP) Air Knife design produces the best laminar flow characteristic moving more air over critical surfaces. Our customer-focused design/development team works with you from concept through production to deliver affordable, high-quality solutions for your unique application.

Customized Air Knife System Design

The difference offered by T.J. Bell, Inc. begins with our unique position in the market. because we are not a blower manufacturer the focus is on your application and what velocity and volume of air will be most effective. We apply our knowledge and experience to develop an integrated system for your specific application. Whether from standard components or completely custom-designed, we can supply a single air knife or a complete turnkey system and accessories.

An efficient air knife system that meets your requirements must balance: